Problem-Solving For Kids

Nature's Way:

“Raccoons Save the Day” involves two problem-solving raccoons during the brave rescue of a neighbor from a life-threatening predicament. They act with kindness and understanding of the victim's wants and needs. Exposure to a stinky toxin is a potential risk for these daring raccoons.

Raccoons are smart. These survivors explore options, assess worst case scenarios and set examples for working through risks. The active listening, creative thinking and collaborative teamwork in this story help kids find the right answers for themselves and others.

“Raccoons Save the Day” also helps everyone rethink our relationships with nature. Kids will read and reread this story. They learn that all animals have value and good qualities. Animals of different species often work in the face of adversity to serve a common or individual cause.

The animals in Little Ray's world open our eyes to reality. They teach us lessons in safety, bravery and problem-solving. Kids learn a lot about animals from their point of view. Animals are individuals in our world; making choices, taking risks and doing their best to survive.

Problem-solving raccoons see a disturbance.
Problem-solving raccoons begin rescue.

Problem-solving stories teach kids to ask before reacting:

Who is affected by the problem?
What is the problem?
Where is the problem taking place?
When is the deadline to fix the problem?
Why fix it?

How can the problem be safely fixed?

Animals Cultivate Wonder and Promote Scientific Literacy:

Humanity needs nature. Food, fuel, shelter, medicine, water and other supplies and materials needed for human life originate in nature.

Observing nature improves human and animal lives. V. R. Duin books and this website help children understand their place in the natural world.

Nature Needs Humanity. Problem-solving stories teach an appreciation of nature and expose vulnerabilities of the ecosystem that can be addressed by informed kids and adults.

“Raccoons Save the Day” should inspire everyone to cleanup every day, not just on Earth Day. Human litter and waste can harm or kill wildlife.

The hardcover book is available in the nonprofit's bookstore. The story should help to improve our world for people as well as animals.

Problem-solving raccoons spot a new problem.