The Foxy Armadillos


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It wasn’t so long ago that the farmers had driven away the pesky fox that inhabited that hill. Now, they have to figure out what to do with these armadillos.

The family of armadillos goes about doing what armadillos do until one day, they make a startling discovery: one roll down the hill and—bang! —instant feeding time. Well, now, this changes everything for the whole family! The farmers notice the digging has stopped and the armadillos are eating the bugs that were killing their grape crops. This is now a group they’re happy to have around! But when that mean old fox comes looking to move back in, the armadillo clan is going to have to do some fast thinking to save their new home. This lovable, cuddly little troop of armadillos shows the way our world can work together to sustain healthy crops and an eco-friendly environment where everyone can thrive and prosper. The perfect story for the emerging global consciousness, The Foxy Armadillos is as entertaining as it is educational!  26 pages


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