Meet Our Children's Book Team

Shark and Little Ray join the children's books team.
Editor of Children's Books Team productions.


Award-winning Australian author Graeme Lofts deserves first-place mention for doing most of the final edits for the Little Ray Children's books team productions. This former educator of Science and Physics penned numerous text books. He currently writes non-fiction books of diverse scientific and business subjects on a full-time basis. He promoted the incorporation into this website of interesting facts about the iconic animals in the children's books. Instructive content not only builds on the fascinating subject matter; it calms blind fears about wildlife.

Marketing Guru

Abby Quigg brings social media, advertising, promotional outreach, public relations, fundraising, sales and networking power to the children's books team. She serves on the board of directors of Little Ray Children’s Books. This experienced caterer, realtor and business owner will help to host charitable events that will spread awareness about the missions of this organization. Abby Quigg is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

A marketing guru is on our children's books team.
Our secretary is children's books team director.

Overall Responsibility

Retired government benefits and mental health attorney, Terry Verduin uses an artistic rendering of her last name as her pen name. Her books, manuscripts, videos and registered trademarks have been licensed to Little Ray Children’s Books. She serves this charitable organization in the capacity of Secretary and Director of daily operations, planning, fundraising, recruiting and related administrative activities. She administers this website as well as two allied websites, Goopy Ghost and the VeRDuin hub site. Her published books are in Little Ray Children's Books Bookstore.

Financial Officer

Engineer Dick Verduin serves in the capacity of President, Treasurer and Director of Little Ray Children’s Books. He is responsible for overseeing, managing, reconciling and accounting for the financial affairs of this organization. He is not related to Terry Verduin by blood or by marriage. Dick Verduin is a graduate of Northwestern University. He continues to perform part-time engineering work involving environmental systems and construction permits.

A financial officer is on the children's books team.