Ray’s Reading Rates

Ray's Reading Rates Raise Reading Rates

Little Ray's reading rates give head starts. Action-packed nature themes, written in epic verse, hold attention.

These adventures teach out-of-the-box thinking. The animal-friendly habits benefit animals, people and habitats.

Ray's reading rates raise reading rates.
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Clean Fishing

The ways animals fish hold lessons in compassion.

Explore Animals From Their Viewpoint

Save Animals

One half of the United States is under water. Per the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, Giant Manta Rays and five species of turtles are endangered.

Ray's Reading Rates extend to videos

Little Ray makes it clear that people can save wild animals from many abuses by following the boundaries that animals set for themselves.

Spread News about Habits for Habitats

Help scientific literacy programs at non-profits discover our practical, nature-based adventures of environmental impact.

Why Ray's Reading Rates Grow:

Imaginative Tales

Once kids get started with these imaginative tales, they draft new plots of their own for the benefit of themselves and their communities. Find Little Ray Children's Books in our bookstore.

Read, Don't Scroll

Digital content has features for eyeballs to chase. Print books are not old-fashioned. Kids need to know how to turn pages and mark important content. These books are read, again and again.

Read to Rock Naturally

Silent Reading Video (42 seconds):

Get hooked on the sea. Continue our lessons on land.

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Sound distracts, upsets and overwhelms some listeners.

Families should read together. Kids want companionship, not audio sermons.

Compare "Supernatural" videos on the Donate page. Which version is best for you?

Share the stage. Learn together. Entertain each other.

Lead others to explore the free facts, free videos, free articles and free downloads on this website.

Enjoy the videos on Little Ray Children's Books YouTube channel. We regularly add new content.