Talking Parrot Lessons

Talking Parrot Lessons Rule the Roost

Talking parrot lessons from Dolly's life with people and in the wild reveal animal language training and learning abilities.

This chatty bird asks readers of Little Ray Children's Books to hurry the wait for her pending, fine-feathered titles.

Talking parrot lessons teach the ways of nature.

Why Talking Parrot Lessons for Children?


Dolly's talking parrot lessons will add animal surprises. Kids will learn about the world of talking birds.


From beginning to end, Dolly will share her fine-feather insights into the wild and tame world of parrots.


Wildly chatty and adventurous Dolly works to protect the bird kingdom from the illegal pet trade. 

About the Series

A Talking Parrot Rules the Roost

Dolly the parrot went to live with Molly Ginter. Grandma Ginter had many guests. Her grandchild Lucy teaches Dolly to train those guests.

A Talking Parrot's Boating Lesson

A frightful noise came from the sea. Then, a boat soared over the fence and into the pool. Nobody was prepared for what Dolly would do.

A Talking Parrot Flies Home

Molly Ginter worried that Dolly had been illegally caught. Molly, Lucy and Dolly would fly to a distant place, where Dolly’s roots might be traced.

Talented Talking Parrots

Dolly’s video hints at how she gets houseguests to behave.

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