Raccoon Problem-Solving

Raccoons Save the Day

Problem-solving raccoons save a neighboring animal's life. Contact with a stink is a real risk.

Kids learn that animals make choices, take risks and do their best to live in our changing world.

Problem-solving raccoons see a disturbance.

Problem-solving raccoons teach kids to ask questions before reacting:

Who is affected by the problem?
What is the problem?
Where is the problem taking place?
When is the deadline to fix the problem?
Why fix it?

How can the problem be safely fixed?

Which step should come first?

Animals Cultivate Wonder and Promote Scientific Literacy:

Humanity needs nature. Little Ray Children's Books help children find life-improving inspiration in the natural world.

Nature Needs Humanity to find habitat problems that can be addressed by informed kids and adults working together.

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Problem-solving raccoons spot a new problem.
This downloadable Problem-Solving Journal Page is designed for everyday use.

Free Problem-Solving Raccoons Download

Right click on "My Day of Problem-Solving" to save it in full size. Track successes in planning, learning and scheduling.

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Little Einsteins (Silent Video)

Problem-solving raccoons seem to have learned the secret to surviving among people, without having to live with people. They truly are smart.