Ray & Shark Teamwork

Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up

Ray and shark teamwork pulls kids from screens and gets everyone learning about ocean life.

These fish family members come together in a child-friendly shark encounter that kids read over and over.


Ray & Shark Teamwork

Arriving sharks can be seen. This allows swimmers to exit the water. Ray & shark teamwork turns fear to fascination.

Teamwork helps Little Ray's story end well. What puts the power-house shark under assault in real life?


Shark bait means someone is unsafe. Shark did not abandon ship after making a hole in it.

Boaters often enter the water. The ocean is a place of danger. Sharks and other predators under the waves are natural swimmers.

Comics, films, games, books and films present sharks as crazed eating-machines. People avoid hot-spots. Bites make headlines.

Sharks have strong wound-fighting abilities and resistance to cancer. Hope for help for people is disappearing with sharks. 

Human tooth replacement studies may suffer. Sharks replace tens of thousands of teeth. Humans have the same genes.

Children Learn About Earning Respect

In Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up a shark earns respect during a frenzied encounter. (34 seconds)

Find the second-edition adventure book here.

This downloadable Teamwork Journal Page is designed for everyday use.

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Visit Goopy Ghost. Teamwork helps a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day. Teamwork speeds goal completion.