Flying Stingray Achievement

The Amazing Flight of Little Ray

Flying stingray achievement carries Little Ray far above other flying stingrays. His amazing flight helps kids beat all odds.

Rays are not born to fly. Like high divers, they leap, then start falling. Movement adds "wow", not height, to their flight.

This image shows the flying stingray achievement of taking to the sky.

Epic Story

Little Ray knows his Mama is watching. Some mother stingrays protect their young. They take 1-to-5 years to mature.

Don't worry about the bird in the story. Young stingrays have small stingers. Long ago, dentists used the toxin to numb pain.

Reach New Heights Like Fish Out of Water:

Flying stingrays do somersaults, flips, rolls, spins, twists and turns for fun and to flee predators, noise, filth or stench.

Fish gills collapse in air. Return to water restarts breathing. People underwater can sense the discomfort of flying stingrays.

Rays are made of cartilage, not bone. This springy material equips the star of this story to catch lucky breaks and fall with style.

Fish see the same in air and in water. The wide field of view and large depth of field of fisheye lenses show how fish see our world.

Little Ray of Flight Video

The world helps those who try and try, to fly and fly. (34 seconds). The highly-evolved, second edition adventure is in the bookstore.

This downloadable Achievement Journal Page is designed for everyday use.

Free Flying Stingray Achievement Download

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