Waffles for Sharks

What We Bring to the Table

Connect the Jaws

Connect sharks with waffles. Sharks’ physical strength, stamina and endurance deserve honor at elite missions and fundraisers.

Spread the Good

Sharks will get smiles when awareness is raised about their heroic contributions to science, literature and the environment.

New Approach

Sharks earned more than a week of celebration. Food industry and wildlife professionals can link hearty appetites to shark protections.

Waffles for Sharks Background


Celebrations of heroic stingrays, sharks and other wild animals are needed. Animal numbers and reading rates are shrinking. We seek to reverse these sad losses.

Celebrate Waffles

Waffles deserve respect and celebration. Pancakes are served at summer fairs and religious events. Many people think waffles taste and look better.

Pancake Fans

Add tails to pancakes. Stingrays are called pancake sharks for good reason. The world's culinary, literary and aquatic forces can work together to solve habitat problems.

Pancake Sharks.

Stingrays are part of the shark family. They are endangered, too.

Sharks are not monsters.

Sharks have undeserved bad reputations. Spread the facts about Ray & Shark Teamwork.

Do something.

Connect sharks and waffles to make a difference with jaws.


Silent Video

Rally behind this fish to protect our planet. Donate to Little Ray's cause. Inspire action.

Knowledge is the tool of champions. Start your journey with lessons from Little Ray.


Consumers expect organizations to support their communities.

We seek partners to help evolve niches created by waffles and sharks, pancakes and rays.

Doers create a better community and a healthier planet for people, plants and animals.

Hello Waffle for Sharks Wednesday