This is the Amazing Flight of Little Ray cover.

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Grit for Kids

Experience the emotions, fun, intrigue and suspense of nature-based stories from Little Ray Children’s Books Inc. Introduce wildlife appreciation and literacy to children 3-8 and to special needs individuals of any age.

This is the Amazing Flight of Little Ray cover.
This is Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up.

Behavior-Changing Books

Share behavior-changing lessons from Little Ray Children’s Books Inc. Engage early readers and special learners in nature appreciation and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and skills.

This is Little Ray & Shark Patch Things Up.

Public Charity

Little Ray Children’s Books Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. Gifts to this public charity are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling Toll-Free (800-435-7352) within Florida or by visiting Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. Registration number CH68333.

Funding Model

Our Initial Funding Model anticipates 50 percent of support will come from donations and grants, 30 percent from book sales and 20 percent from fundraising events.

Our. Waffles for Sharks event concept delivers food for thought about environmental, cultural and literacy issues. Reading rates are declining about as fast as shark-family populations. Learn more at V. R. Duin.

Turn "Can't" to "Can".

Little Ray Children’s Books offer reading enrichment and teach appreciation of the great outdoors through nature-based adventures. The characters inspire early readers and special learners. The stories present meaningful lessons in teamwork and show how to overcome self-limiting fears.

Do great things with Little Ray Children's Books.

Natural Grit

This children's book about stingrays shows how to follow or surpass nature-set courage and character strength. Little Ray faces life with true grit. Baby stingrays quickly learn to navigate their dangerous world. Not all stingray mothers care for their young. The tough stuff with which rays are made helps kids turn "can't" to "can" with their most lofty of goals.

These apex predators can punch holes in boats, turn on their young and snatch prey from beaches or in flight. They also protect friends and travel long distances to party with them. The rugged species with razor-sharp teeth and toothy scale spikes in this shark attack adventure show the way to significant partnerships. Sharks' unique abilities to serve science and everyday learning belongs in more books about shark attacks.

These critters prove to be anything, but boring landlubbers. Their matchless shape, form and capabilities put the “baddest” of pirates at envy in water. Wild interactions and interesting lessons disrupt the status quo when, where and in ways least expected. The wiliest of foxes may want to try their luck elsewhere. The teamwork and socially-consciousness sensitivity in this armadillo children's book rise to save habitats and preserve the balance of nature.

These smart and handy raccoons become heroes, while creating sympathy for themselves and for the animal they rescue from an environmental hazard. The educational, entertaining and inspiring story fosters awareness of animal interactions. This book about raccoons shows how eco-system vulnerabilities can be prevented by humans. When kids share these important insights with others, they help to keep our wild heritage alive for the benefit of future generations.

Grit Video for Kids

Kids expecting instant success in life may find the jackpot empty. Success is a long, hard slog for progress. It takes grit to face problems surfacing along the way to achievement.

While others flee, Little Ray guides young readers to achieve success through teamwork. He sticks with his plans and goals. Grit paves the way to good endings and halts bullying.

The transcript tells how to beat problems: Life is visions, and illusions; make decisions, fight delusions. The animations were made from the original book.