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Little Ray's Children's Books, Inc. raises funds by selling  V.  R. Duin books for ages 3-8 and for special needs individuals of any age. All royalties are directed to the nonprofit.

Future boards of directors may add additional literary products or adjust the educational and socially-responsible inventory to promote its purposes for the betterment of the community.

Published books are available in the nonprofit's Bookstore. We may not receive any royalties from outside booksellers. Please make your purchases only from this website.

Little Ray Nature Books for Kids are shown.
Opening a Window to Nature

Turn "can't" to "can" with Little Ray books for kids. Readers fly across the bay, confront sharks and uncover dizzying armadillo and raccoon surprises. They're home in time for dinner.

There's no need to get up close and personal. Little Ray provides fuel for a conversation about wild animal appreciation, self-sustaining agriculture, habitat loss and more.

These books carry early readers and special learners into wildlife habitats. This window to nature may lead to career opportunities, sporting activities and new freedoms.

Animals teach us to be better. They perform useful work for the planet with confidence. Although they don't take themselves too seriously, they never are careless during playtime.

Readers venture across the big blue sea, over land and through the air. They don't face sun damage. There is no need to slather on sunscreen or wear protective clothing and glasses.

Reading raises discussion, brings families together, strengthens knowledge and spurs creativity. Learning about mysterious, iconic animals need not be done at the beach or in the wild.

Why This Author Features Rhyming Verse:

Rhyme develops hearing and sight skills. Children read by recognizing words. They move on to devour entire stories. All the while, they put their understanding of new concepts to use.

Early literacy skills of listening, speaking and reading require practice. Rhyming visual and language layers have something exciting to see, hear, discuss and learn with each reading.

Math formulas, music, tech concepts, poetry and art are based on patterns. The brevity of rhyming stories is more inviting and memorable than the same number of pages in prose.

Rhyming books are not written to have keywords present in desired frequencies and quantities for targeted age groups. They are written to enable children to reach understandings appropriate to their age.

Rhyming books for kids are not written to prepare for school tests. They offer subtle layers that encourage thought and analysis. Graduating students of this system may function better in the real world.

Rhyming texts are not subject to the strict age-based grading and data analysis performed on mainstream prose. Poetry cannot be age-graded or fully analyzed by machines. Rhyming is too deep for them.

A grandmother reported reading The Amazing Flight of Little Ray to her autistic grandson at bedtime. When she checked on him, his new friend was off the bookshelf sweetening dreams.

Rhyming matters. A teacher discovered that a classroom reading aloud of The Amazing Flight of Little Ray sparked the first-ever verbal response from a special needs student.

Behavioral Change: A mother said The Amazing Flight of Little Ray helped her son understand why he was free to ride his bike around their block, but he was not allowed to cross streets to other blocks.


Book Donations

Many organizations need donations to fund educational and charitable causes. Gifts and earnings from admissions, merchandise sales and events help them perform good work.

Nature, community and literacy centers accept book donations for educational and fund-raising purposes. Your favorite cause may not find Little Ray books for kids without your help.

Advance literacy and animal appreciation in your community with our behavior-changing, nature-based adventures for children ages 3-8 or for special needs individuals of any age.