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Donate funds to our Little Ray Children's Books Partnership of donors, customers and volunteers. Donations lower our product costs. $25.00 helps us buy and ship one hardcover book ($15.00) and one softcover book ($10.00) to a nonprofit sharing our mission. Double your donation with matching employer gifts from your workplace. The average maximum match is $3,000.00. The average minimum match is $50.00. This is a big opportunity to help our small nonprofit foster and maintain relationships for a successful book launch. Thank YOU.

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Donate Time as a Micro-Volunteer

The Little Ray Children's Books Partnership welcomes support. Help advance literacy. Teach nature appreciation to early readers (children 3-8) and special learners (special needs individuals of any age). Share in our story. Introduce our cause. Promote giving. Inspire followers.

Write a book review. Proofread our website updates. Share a social media post. Host a Waffles4Sharks cookout and/or a "Raccoons Save the Day" cleanup event. Record a video reading segment. Photograph a reading. Create video clips that deliver book messages of impact to young lives.

Read our behavior-changing adventures at your community's early-learning centers. Ask if your employer will issue volunteer grants so that employees can help with this cause. Your company's volunteer grant programs may pay $8-$15 for each of your volunteer hours with us. Thank YOU!

Volunteers Help Others

Transcript Particulars

“Help Others. The Goopy Ghost and Super Emily help us solve messy problems.” (This battle is with graffiti.)

Town Cleanup
Potluck Dinner
Live Music
Ghost Stories
Next Saturday
Town Square

Goopy Ghost: “Who's Telling the ghost stories?”

Super Emily: “The town people can tell your stories.”
“This ghost sheds pumpkin goop
wherever it goes
'cause that's what it's made of
from its head to toes.”

“Paint is a mess,
but goop washes out.
There are better ways
to get messages out!”

“Help Others.”

Want to know more about The Goopy Ghost? Click Here to Learn More

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