The Amazing Flight of Little Ray



Little Ray can’t think of anything better to do today than fly the friendly skies. The only thing holding him back is the fact that he is a sea-bound stingray, which, for him, proves to be only a minor setback. When he hurls himself into the air, it will take a little luck, a little ingenuity, and some feathery help from above to return him to the cool salty waters. Thank goodness, Little Ray has a lot of gumption and even more panache; it comes in handy during this soaring adventure.

This behavior-changing book shows the way to beat all odds. It inspires all children to reach new heights. Little Ray is a fish out of water. Self-awareness and purposeful pursuit of achievement make him a role model for children. The book is brimming with positivity that improves the quality of life. Children also learn that fish are sentient beings deserving of respect. 32 pages


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