Raccoons Save the Day (eBook requires EPUB reader)


Requires EPUB reader.

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“Raccoons Save the Day” is  problem-solving book for kids. Two raccoons rescue a neighbor from life-threatening distress. The step-by-step solution in this problem-solving adventure raises many strategies to approach real-life problems. The story also shows the importance of carrying trash away from natural habitats.

Download the free Problem-Solving Journal Page to track organization, analysis and understanding. https://littleraychildrensbooks.org/raccoon-problem-solving/

This problem-solving book presents an action plan and a step-by-step solution to the rescue of a fellow animal in a life-threatening predicament. Internal conflict is calmed and progress is advanced by analyzing how consecutive actions affect the actors and others. Advances made in the story support the formation of autonomous, high-functioning minds. 34 pages. ISBN 09798985566680  Publication Date: May 28, 2022.


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