Raccoons Save the Day (Hard Cover)

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This hard cover edition of “Raccoons Save the Day” is a problem-solving book about raccoons for kids. The adventure results in the rescue of a neighbor from life-threatening distress. The step-by-step solution raises many strategies to approach real-life problems. The story also shows the importance of carrying trash away from natural habitats.

Download the free Problem-Solving Journal Page to track organization, analysis and understanding. https://littleraychildrensbooks.org/raccoon-problem-solving/

“Raccoons Save the Day” presents an action plan and a step-by-step solution to the rescue of a fellow animal from life-threatening danger. Internal conflict is calmed and progress is advanced by analyzing how consecutive actions affect the actors and others. Advances made in the story support the formation of autonomous, high-functioning minds. 34 pages. ISBN 09798985566659  Publication Date: May 28, 2022.

5 reviews for Raccoons Save the Day (Hard Cover)

  1. Jeannie Rissman

    My daughter and I enjoyed reading this beautiful story. It not only has beautiful images, but the story tells of how raccoons work together for a unified cause. I love how this author integrates real facts about the animals and also dispels any negativity about them being just scavengers. Very fun and engaging for a beginning reader.

    • Little Ray Children’s Books

      Thank you very much for taking time to inform others how the children in their lives may benefit from reading this book.

  2. Linda Satterfield

    This such an inspiring story. It tells how we could do better with helping others. Also it tells how if we throw things away to make sure its now where animals can not reach them. Teaches a good lesson to our children. Take care not to litter and to be observant when you see an animal acting strange. My grandchildren loved the story. Its just an awesome way to teach kids about caring. And observing. Thank you for this beautiful story.

    • Little Ray Children’s Books

      Thank you for your kind and generous observations about the benefits of this story for children and for the animals sharing our world. We’re glad that your grandchildren enjoyed the adventure in it, too.

  3. Mahogany Rivera

    Is another heroic day for these incredibly smart Raccoons. What an amazing way to bring the whole family together. We could be out at sea with Little Ray or making new friends with Goopy Ghost, the author never fails to entertain and teach us how to be kind to one another.

    • Little Ray Children’s Books

      Thank you for including Little Ray and Goopy Ghost in your heart-felt review of “Raccoons Save the Day”. Your review clearly informs prospective readers about the ways in which their families can benefit from the subtle messages in our adventurous children’s books.

  4. Elaine Raby

    What an inspiring message about teamwork and caring for the environment! This simple story is brought to life with colorful descriptions and beautiful illustrations. I can’t wait to share with my grandchildren!

    • Little Ray Children’s Books

      Thank you for this enthusiastic review and for sharing the messages that other readers can expect to find in this story. We hope that your grandchildren will be thrilled, too!

  5. Robert F

    This author knocks it out of the park each time. nice and consistent fun message for kids. soft, happy, fun and exciting in a sweet manner.

    • Little Ray Children’s Books

      Thank you very much for telling other readers how their kids can benefit from the message and the from the style of writing in this adventure, which you enthusiastically find to be typical of this author.

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