The Foxy Armadillos



For Mr. and Mrs. Armadillo, finding an abandoned fox den large enough for their entire family—and on a farm—is a stroke of luck. They quickly move in with their children Sis, Boom, and Ba, and make themselves at home. The farmers notice right away that a family of armadillos has moved in. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that they had driven away the pesky fox that inhabited that hill. Now, however, they have to figure out what to do with those armadillos… Clever, adventurous, and full of inspiring lessons on self-sustaining agriculture, V. R. Duin’s latest children’s book is a charming trip into the armadillo hole of the cutest, sweetest family of critters you’ve ever met! The armadillo family goes about doing what armadillos do until one day Sis, Boom, and Ba are led to a startling discovery: by rolling up into tight little balls, they can roll all the way down the hill and slam into the grape trellises, knocking all of the bugs off the grape leaves and down to the ground for easy eating. Well, now, this changes everything for the whole family! No more would they have to spend their time digging around in the ground for bugs. One roll down the hill and—bang! Instant feeding time. And don’t think the farmers don’t notice that all those bugs killing their grape crops are now being eaten by the armadillos. This is now a group they’re happy to have around! But when that mean old fox comes looking to move back in, the armadillo clan is going to have to do some fast thinking to save their new home. A ray of sunshine any time its cover is cracked open, V. R. Duin delivers a tale of the most unlikely heroes you are ever going to meet. This lovable, cuddly little troop of armadillos shows the way our world can work together to sustain healthy crops and an eco-friendly environment where everyone can thrive and prosper. The perfect story for the emerging global consciousness, The Foxy Armadillos is as entertaining as it is educational! ForeWard Clarion Review writes, “With its clear and approachable information, “The Foxy Armadillos” is a charming way to teach children a love for all animals. Ma and Pa and their armadillo children, Sis, Boom, and little Ba, are ingenious, industrious, and interesting. Adults will find the book useful in educating the young about appreciating and sustaining the earth, and will find many teachable moments in this story.”


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